Hard Chrome Plating Alternative: BTHC-0005™

BTHC-0005™ is a specially formulated cermet alloy designed as an alternative to hard chrome plating. Increasing regulations against hexavalent chrome, the main component in hard chrome plating, has increased the demand for a safer alternative. Hard chrome plating is a versatile industrial coating and no one coating can fill them all. BTHC-0005™ is a thermal spray coating that offers increased wear, corrosion, and other benefits over hard chrome plating and can be used in most of the same scenarios.

What is thermal spray? Check out our thermal spray 101 here.

The Benefits of BTHC-0005™ 

Hard Chrome Plating on Piston Hydraulic Rod
  • Increased wear resistance over hard chrome
  • More corrosion resistant than hard chrome
  • Less prone to cracking
  • Can be polished better than 1 Ra-in
  • Can be used in environments up to 932 °F
  • Can be applied up to 0.050” thick

The Limits of BTHC-0005™ 

  • Cannot be applied as thin as hard chrome, only down to 0.004-0.005” thick
  • Cannot be applied on inside diameters smaller than 4” or on complicated geometries

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Preview of BTHC-0005 Brochure

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