Increase Service Life of Steel Mill Rolls with Thermal Spray Coatings

Steel Mill Roll Coatings that Keep You Rolling

Using our latest coating technology, BTHC-0005™, our coating process protects steel mill work rolls from heat and wear. Not only can it increase the service life of hot rolling mill rolls or cold roll mill rolls, it even outperforms hard chrome plating. BTHC-0005™ reduces maintenance costs and keeps your steel mill rolls in spec longer.

Benefits of BTHC-0005™ coating for steel mill rolls

  • Can last up to 8 times longer than hard chrome plating
  • Can be reground and redone as the rolls wear down
  • Reduces overall, long-term maintenance costs

Thermal Spray Coatings can extend the service life of steel mill rolls including, but not limited to:

diagram of steel mill work rolls

Work Rolls

repair of back up roll for steel mill

Back-Up Rolls

Repair of deflector roll in steel mill annealing line

Deflector Rolls

pinch rolls

Pinch Rolls

flattener rolls

Flattener Rolls

bridle rolls for cold rolling mills

Bridle Rolls

Passline rolls
Upper and lower squeeze rolls
Leveler rolls
Billy rolls

Most other round, cylindrical steel mill rolls


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