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Machining & Grinding

In addition to thermal spray, HTS Coatings is a full-service precision machine shop. We offer both machining and grinding and can perform precision lathe machining, including inner diameter (I.D.) operations. Machining and grinding services can also be used during the thermal spray repair and overhaul process. HTS Coatings can also manufacture complete components from milling to superfinishing. Each process and machine has specific size limitations and our team can assist you in finding the right solution for you: 

Machining Services

CNC Vertical Mill

  • 20" x 50" with a height of 25"
  • Weight capacity: ~1,500 lbs

CNC Lathe

  • Up to 23" diameter x 118" between centers

Manual Lathe

  • Up to 36" diameter x 240" between centers

Grinding Services

Surface Grinding

  • 12" W x 60" L x 11" H

Cylindrical Grinding

  • Up to 27" diameter x 120" between centers

I.D. Grinding

  • Up to 27" diameter x 40" long

Valve Ball Spherical Grinding

  • Up to 27" diameter

Coordinate Measuring Machine


Finishing Services



  • Down to 1 Ra or better

Surface Finish Testing

Shop Capacity

  • Overall shop weight capacity 15,000 lbs