Print Roller Coatings

Blanket Roller with Tungsten Carbide Coating

Thermal spray coatings have many applications in the print industry. Printing presses and flexographic printers run at high speeds for hours and hours on end. All of that running means lots of potential for wear and erosion issues on your rollers. Thermal spray processes can apply many different materials to prevent wear on new rollers or repair and remanufacture worn out ones. Each scenario has a different thermal spray solution.

Print Roller Coating Precision Grinding

Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

One of the biggest benefits of thermal spray to the print industry is the ability to create an entirely new surface on a roll. For damaged rolls, whether on the body or the journals, our machining and grinding services can remove damaged sections and then, our thermal spray coatings can be used to build the surface back up to OEM specifications. Not only can this be more cost effective than buying new, oftentimes its quicker as well. Using premium materials, like tungsten carbide, can also create a roll surface that is better-than-new, giving you longer between future maintenance cycles.

Common print parts remanufactured with thermal spray:

  • Anvil Rollers
  • Feed Draw Rollers or Draw Rollers
  • Ink Rollers
  • Chopper Fold Rolls
  • Journals


    Flexographic Printing Roll Coating

    Flexographic Roll Coating

    Many flexographic printing rolls are coated before installation into flexographic printing machine to increase the wear life of the surface or bearing sections. Thermal spray coatings are also used to add friction and create grip rolls that ensure proper web pacing. Common flexographic print roller coatings are Tungsten Carbide or ceramic coatings, such as Aluminum Oxide.


    Specific rolls that can benefit from thermal spray coating are:

    • Fountain Rollers
    • Impression Cylinders
    • Grip Rolls or Pacing Rolls
    • Idler Rollers

    Manufacture complete rolls are also available. Depending on the complexity and size of your roll, HTS Coatings can machine rolls from bar stock, in-house, and coat them with wear resistant thermal spray coatings.