Thermal Spray for New Production Parts

Turbine Blades ready for production run of thermal spray coating
Benefits of Thermal Spray

Thermal spray coatings can be used to bring new life to worn and damaged parts. But can also be applied before parts are placed into production. When parts are coated before installation, they can withstand wear in high heat, such as steam turbine blades, or highly corrosive environments, like semi-truck undercarriages or agricultural equipment. Robotic programming and other engineering can be used to spray large production runs of parts with various thermal spray materials.

Thermal spray is most cost effective for large volume runs of parts. This spreads out set up and programming costs over the whole lot of parts, driving down the per part cost.

HTS Coatings has a team of experienced engineers and technicians who can design and implement an engineered coating and procedure from prototype to production. Our in-house metallography laboratory can be used for proofing coatings and helping to develop any PPAP’s required. ISO 9001:2015 procedures ensure that each coating is completed to the required engineering parameters.

Large Volume Thermal Spray Proven Process

HTS PRO Proven Process Illustration

We have a four-step proven process for developing a thermal spray coating processes for manufactured production parts:

1. Investigate

We investigate your operating environment and design a coating that helps with the problem you’re trying to solve. We learn your volume estimates and create budgetary unit pricing based on various quantities of production. 

2. Research & Development

During this phase we take a small volume of test parts to proof our processes and ensure that we have the most efficient process and price. You would work with our process engineers to develop tooling, proof budget unit pricing, develop any PPAP, FMEA, etc., and perform any required lab testing.

3. Final Proposal

Finalize unit pricing and outline any required quality procedures and communicate the expected lead times and approximate schedule of production. 

4. On-going Relationship

HTS Coatings provides a dedicated customer service representative to provide continual communication on the status of orders and to communicate shipping dates; including access to our online customer portal if desired.