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HTS Coatings Referral Program

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The HTS Coatings Referral Program seeks to incentivise those who take the initiative to send quality people our way. For each successful referral, we'll provide you with $500 (gross) referral payment. If you know someone who would be a great fit for HTS Coatings, fill out the form below.


The Fine Print

By submitting a candidate for referral, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

The Referrer

  • Must be an individual person
  • Cannot be associated with or a consultant of a staffing/recruiting agency
  • Cannot refer themselves

Your Referral Candidate

  • Cannot be a previous employee
  • Must be a candidate that HTS Coatings is not actively recruiting, has applied to the HTS Coatings career site, or who has had dialogue about career opportunities with HTS Coatings within the past 12 months
  • Once referred candidate is hired, they must remain employed with HTS Coatings for a minimum of 90 days and be in good performance standing.
  • Any referral is valid for 3 months from the time of submittal

Payment Terms

If you are eligible to participate in the program, HTS Coatings shall shall pay the referrer a one-time payment of $500 for any open position, for a referral that results in a successful regular full-time hire, and such referred employee:

  • Acknowledges he or she was referred by you
  • Completes 90 days of continuous, active employment with HTS Coatings
  • Is in good performance standing at the end of such 90 day period
  • Is still employed by HTS Coatings at the time the referral bonus is to be paid
For referrals, referrer must complete and return IRS Form W-9 (and any other documentation that HTS Coatings may require) in order to receive the referral bonus. HTS Coatings will supply this form once your referred candidate has started employment. The referer will receive a 1099 for the year the payment was received.
    HTS Coatings will process the external referral bonus approximately 90 days after the referred employee completes the 90 days of employment and all the proper paperwork and contact information of the referrer has been received. Payments will be made by company check from HTS Coatings, in accordance with HTS Coatings guidelines. In the event of duplicate or competing submission, payment will be made for the first referral received by HTS Coatings. Referral fee payment is at the sole discretion of HTS Coatings.