Part Manufacturing

The purpose of our in-house machine shop is, not just to provide ancillary services for thermal spray, but also to manufacture machine parts. HTS Coatings has all the necessary equipment to provide turnkey machine parts for many industries. We specialize in many parts from print industry cylinders and rollers to replacement pump parts. Our CNC lathes also allow us to manufacture replacement rolls for metal forming. Our team of experienced machinists and welders can fabricate parts to desired specifications and functions.

Print Roll Manufacturer

Print Roll & Cylinder Manufacturing

Our cylindrical grinding and CNC machining allow us to manufacture quality print rolls right here in the United States with reduced turnaround times. Print cylinders may also benefit from our in-house thermal spray coatings for wear and corrosion prevention.

Print Industry Parts:

  • Impression rolls
  • Flexographic printing rolls such as:
    • Anilox rollers
    • Plate cylinders
    • Impression Cylinders
    • Fountain rollers
  • Grip rollers
  • Sleeves




Metalworking Roll Manufacturing

HTS Coatings also machines and manufactures various metal fabricating rolls for metal forming and rolling. Most shaft-type parts, including those used in die forming, can be manufactured in-house, right in the midwest.

Metalworking Parts:

  • Steel mill rolls
  • Aluminum mill rolls
  • Roll formers
  • Pinch rolls
  • Sink rolls
  • Flattener rolls




Industrial & Machine Part Manufacturing

Our team of engineers, machinists and fabricators can work with you to find a manufacturing solution for many machine parts. Even if that means we point in the direction of someone else who can better serve you.

Manufactured Machine Parts:

  • Idler rolls and other conveyance rollers
  • Pump wear rings, including Stellite® 6 I.D. and O.D. welding
  • Seal sleeves
  • Pump shafts
  • Drive shafts
  • Knife rolls and other rotary cutting rolls
  • Industrial shafting
  • Much, much more...

Thermal Spray and Part Manufacturing

Any of our manufactured parts can also be enhanced with thermal spray coatings. Thermal spray coatings are wear and corrosion resistant. Some specialized coatings can reduce pump cavitation damage, while others can increase electrical conductivity or provide a thermal barrier. These coatings can be added in-house and extend the life of your manufactured components.