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Repair and Overhaul

One of the primary goals of thermal spray is the repair and overhaul of industrial components. Thermal spray can take parts that are headed for the scrap yard and make them like new. Whether it is a large print roll overhaul or a complex seal sleeve repair; thermal spray can be an economical solution for component failure. It can be used to repair both large surface areas and small, inner diameters.

Bandsaw Repair Before and After

Thermal spray repair is...

  • Cost effective
  • Sustainable
  • Performance enhancing

Thermal spray improves performance by:

  • Resisting wear
  • Resisting corrosion
  • Managing thermal efficiency
  • Enhancing electrical properties
  • Creating a thermal barrier

Repair Process Overview

Thermal spray repair typically begins with the removal of existing surface material. This ensures that any previous corrosion is removed; as well as produces an even surface to apply the new coating. This is especially important when a machine part requires a specific finished dimension. Machining and grinding removes damaged material and creates space for the new surface coating to be added.

When a component has deep gauges and missing sections, a weld repair can fill in those areas to build up a surface as well. Once the component is structurally prepped, most parts will require blasting to ensure a strong mechanical bond. Once the component is fully prepped it is ready for a thermal spray coating to create the new surface.

During thermal spray, the coating is built up so that a component can be properly machined back down to the desired dimensions. If a specific surface roughness is required, superfinishing can be used. Every component is different and our team can design the proper process to ensure a quality final product.




Workpiece is machined to ensure proper coating thickness and remove damaged material.


Workpiece is prepped through degreasing, masking and/or pre-heating.


Workpiece is blasted to clean it and reinforce coating particle adhesion.

Thermal Spray

Workpiece is coated with selected material and thermal spray process.


Workpiece is sealed (if necessary).


Workpiece surface is finished to desired roughness.

Check out what repair and overhaul looks like for: